The vision of Education and Human Rights in Diversity (Edu-HRight) is to strive to be an internationally recognised leader in socially relevant social justice and human rights-related research, as well as education for South Africa and in Africa.

Our mission is creating and sustaining a research and education environment that is grounded in values of social justice and human rights in diversity.

The values of Edu-HRight are fully aligned with those of the North-West University with a view to creating, continually, a culture that reflects these values.

We, the members of Edu-HRight believe that:

  • our community of scholars must be founded on the pursuit of knowledge through research, teaching and learning, as well as community engagement, with membership acquired on the basis of intellectual merit, ability and the potential for outstanding, rigorous scholarship; and that
  • differing perspectives, arising from diverse backgrounds and histories that define the identities of our sub-areas, deepen scholarly inquiry and enrich academic debate.

We treasure:

  • academic freedom, creative and innovative thought, ethical standards and integrity, accountability and unity-in-diversity; and
  • our staff and postgraduate candidates, who constitute Edu-HRight’s core asset.

We foster:

  • an inquiry‐led and evidence‐based approach to creating knowledge; and
  • academic citizenship, whereby we commit ourselves to harnessing our intellectual abilities in the interest of our nation and humanity.

We recognise that:

in a resource‐constrained world where vast disparities remain, Edu-HRight cultivates – on a regular and sustained basis – researchers (established, novice, fellows and postgraduate candidates) who appreciate the importance of:

  • engaging communities;
  • entrepreneurial endeavours; and
  • innovative actions

 in advancing scholarly knowledge, education, employment, and development in our local contexts.