List of approved Edu-HRight projects




Dr D Vos

Team:  Dr ZL de Beer; Prof CC Wolhuter; Prof HJ Steyn; Dr E Niemczyk; Mr T Bekker

Comparing the education aims across the BRICS member states and with the education objectives of the BRICS organisation

Dr N Mollo

Team:  Prof CB Zulu,  Prof CC Wolhuter, Prof JL van der Walt

The perspectives of parents on their role in the disciplining of learners

Dr OA Ajani (post-doc)

Team:  Prof SR Simmonds

Curriculum Studies as an intellectual space for decolonising education: In pursuit of human rights education

Prof E Niemczyk

Team:  C Daniels; A Marimo

Future of higher education for sustainable development


Dr O Gore (post-doc)

Team: Prof Johan Botha, Dr Corlia Twine,  Dr Shantha Naidoo

Mental health reactions to COVID-19 in South African schools: Towards promoting social and emotional wellbeing