Postgraduate Certificate in Education

PGCE (Senior and Further Education and Training Phase)

(Qualification code for application: Full-time 4DC G01 1 and Distance 4DD G01 1)

The PGCE serves as a professional capping qualification for candidates who have already obtained an approved three-year university degree with sufficient credits in approved school subjects. Students specialise in teaching in the Senior and FET Phase (Grade 7 to 12 learners).

Students who obtain this qualification, with its focus on classroom practice, will be able to demonstrate the contextual roles and skills of an effective teacher.

The minimum requirements for entry into the PGCE in senior & FET teaching, is a relevant B-degree (or equivalent qualification with at least 360 credits) with 2 school subjects on degree level. One subject must be on 3rd year level and the second subject on 2nd year level. There are also subject specific requirements.

Faculty of Education students need to meet the MRTEQ (Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications) guidelines in order to obtain an education qualification. The MRTEQ requires a set of consecutive practicum days to be completed at a Faculty of Education approved school as part of the teacher training programme. WIL (teaching practice) is, therefore, a key feature of all education qualifications and a prerequisite in order to be awarded a qualification. The stipulated programme requirement, as registered with the HEQC, for the PGCE qualification is a total of 40 school-based teaching practice days. All students must do 40 days of school-based teaching practice in their period of study at a Faculty of Education approved school. Non-negotiable dates for WIL are set for each semester – 20 days in semester 1 and 20 days in semester 2. This will require of the student to avail themselves for 40 days of WIL in a year of study. Note – teaching assistance positions, employment outside of the school-based education sector or teaching/assisting outside the Senior and FET Phase cannot count towards teaching practice days. If the PGCE is completed over two years, it is required that didactic modules are completed in the first year of study and WIL completed in the second year of study. It is compulsory for PGCE students to do their WIL in both the Senior (Gr. 7-9) and the FET (Gr. 10-12) phase during their period of study, preferably FET phase in the first semester and Senior phase in the second semester. WIL involves additional financial costs that must be borne by the students. These costs are not included in the tuition fees.

The NWU is one of the few universities which offers the methodology of Consumer studies in Education in its PGCE program.

Mode of delivery is full-time/contact mode and distance mode.

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