Community-based Educational Research is:

Research that is defined as a partnership of students and community members who collaboratively engage in research with the purpose of solving a pressing educational problem to generate knowledge, skills and processes that will enhance sustainable learning and development.

As such, the methodology that is most suited is action research that allows us to do research with people, rather than on them. It is crucial for university partners to listen to community and learn how they explain the problem and envisage solutions. Research conducted in this way becomes educative in that participants in the process also learn how to communicate effectively, and improve their self-esteem and confidence and ability to collaborate with others to creative ways to enhance their own lives. It is a holistic process of learning and development. 

The Community-based Teaching and Learning strand of COMBER is very excited to share the launch of the COMBER YouTube channel!
Prof Lesley Wood, research director of COMBER, has created some videos that explores the basics concepts and methodology of the various forms of Action Research. These videos have already been watched by local as well as international scholars in Action Research and we are excited about new videos that will be added there soon.
We would like to extend an invitation to all colleagues to visit and subscribe to the this channel and share the link with your postgraduate students and networks. The aim of this channel is to not only provide valuable resources to postgraduate students and emerging researchers, but also to promoted collaboration within a larger community of practice where university-community and inter-university partnerships doing community-based research can be promoted.
The channel can accessed the typing 'Exploring Action Research' in the search tab in YouTube or using the following link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzkTjD8H1gJ6bjGL1KupqWA/]

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