Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Education

Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Education (EduREC)

The Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Education (EduREC) provides operational management of the research ethics process in this Faculty. Any no-risk or low risk research done with human participants by researchers or students from the Faculty of Education require ethical clearance from this committee.

EduREC documents

General documents


Ensure that you include the following documents with this application using the indicated filenames:

The complete application can be submitted to Erna Greyling,, by e-mail.

All medium or high risk research, such as research including minors or vulnerable persons, is not handled by this committee but by the Education, Management and Economic Sciences, Law, Theology, Engineering and Natural Sciences Research Ethics Committee (NWU-EMELTEN-REC) - contact Ms Villera le Roux at or for such applications.


EduREC Standard operating procedures

1.2 Standard operating procedure for the establishment of SOPs
2.2 Standard operating procedure for research ethics applications
3.2 Standard operating procedure for the selection, appointment and functioning of the REC
4.2 Standard operating procedure for complaints management
5.2 Standard operating procedure for monitoring

Gatekeeping structures

Applicants need to ensure to contact the appropriate gatekeeping structures. Here's some information about typical contacts used within the Faculty:
- School-based research: Conducting research in the DBE (permission must be obtained from the relevant provincial department)
- NWU-based research with students and staff: NWU Research Data Gatekeeper Committee (RDGC)


The Faculty of Education recognises three types of training for researchers, supervisors, promoters and postgraduate students (training is required only for students working in medium or high risk research or research with vulnerable individuals or minors).

  • Faculty of Education online ethics training
    Contact Erna Greyling,, to attend this training.
    TRREE online course:
    Proof of completion (certificates are provided by the website) for the following modules must be provided:
    - Module 1 Introduction to research ethics
    - Module 2.1 Research ethics evaluation
    - Module 3.1 Informed consent
    - National supplement for South Africa
  • Health Research Ethics Committee training

Contact information


Ms Erna Greyling / (018) 299 4656



Prof. CP van der Vyver