Programme and Subject Group Leaders

  Dr Albert Kemp

  Subject Group Leader and Lecturer: Technology Education
  +27 (0)18 299 4234
  Building B9, Office G05, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  BEd, BEd Hons, MA, PhD
  Engineering Graphics and Design; 2D/3D CAD; 3D Printing/Scanning

  Ms Anitha Jansen van Vuuren

  Programme Leader: ECCE and Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4598
  Building B11, Office G46, Potchefstroom Campus

  Dr Annamagriet de Wet

  Subject Group Leader and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4596
  Building B11, Office G52, Potchefstroom Campus
  BCom, PGCE, BEdHons, MEd, PhD Education Law*
  Human rights in and through education from, education law and diversity perspectives*

  Mr Arno Combrinck

  Programme Leader: PGCE and Lecturer
  +27 18 285 2714
  Building B9, Office G04, Potchefstroom Campus
  BSc, HED (Tech) (NWU), BEd Hons (NWU)

  Dr Branwen Challens

  Subject Group Leader & Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4754
  Building C6, Office 211, Potchefstroom Campus.
  BA, HDE, BEd, Business Management, MEd, Certificate in Human Resource Management, Diploma in School Management, Phd.
  Financial Leadership / Moral Leadership / Collective Efficacy / Ethics and Care / Classroom Management

  Dr Chantelle Bosch

  Subject Group Leader & Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4768
  Building B11, Office G57, Potchefstroom Campus
  BEd, BEd Hons, MEd, PhD
  Cooperative Learning; Blended Learning; Curriculum Studies; Assessment

  Mr Cobus Olivier

  Subject Group Leader and Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3572
  Building 11B, Office 106, Vanderbijlpark Campus
  BA, HDE, Hons, MSc

  Prof Deon Vos

  Subject Group Leader and Associate Professor
  +27 18 299 4743
  Building C6, Office 142, Potchefstroom Campus
  BA, BEdHons, Med, PhD
  Education management and leadership; Comparative education

  Prof Dorothy Laubscher

  Programme Leader: ADE (PC), Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4585
  Building B11, Office G56, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  BA (Hons), HDE, MEd and PhD
   Mathematics Education, Technology-enhanced education, Blended Learning, Self-Directed Learning, Cooperative Learning

  Dr Andri Schoonen

  Subject Group Leader: Early Childhood Development and Education
  +27 18 299 1871
  Building B10, Office G37, Potchefstroom
  BEd Foundation Phase, BEd Hons in Learner Support, MEd in Learner Support
  Critical service-learning, social justice praxis, ECD

  Dr Hantie Theron

  +27 18 285 2091
  Building B11, Office G33, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  PhD Curriculum Studies, MEd Learner Support, BEd Hons Learner support, Pre-Primary Diploma, Junior Primary Diploma
  Sustainable development in early childhood education & Autism

   Dr Lettie Botha

  Subject Group Leader and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4462
  Building B10, Office G40, Potchefstroom Campus
  BEd, BEd(Hons), MEd
  Life orientation

  Prof Elma Marais

  Subject Group Leader and Associate Professor: Afrikaans for Education
  +27 018 299 4725
  Building C6, Office 229, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  PhD, MA, BAHons, BEd, PGDIP
  Children and Youth Literature, Integration of technology in the Classroom, Teaching Practice, Play pedagogy in the Language Classroom

  Dr James Sibanda

  Subject Group Leader and Lecturer
  +27(0)18 299 4540
  Building:B11 Room: G17 Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  MEd and PhD
  Teaching and Research

  Dr Kgomotsego Samuel

  Deputy Subject Group and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 389 2856
  : G 201 Base Building, Mahikeng Campus
  M.Ed (Science / Math), B.Ed (Hons) Science / Math, PhD
  SDL Subarea (s): Indigenous Knowledge and Contextualized Learning to Promote SDL

  Ms Marike Annandale

  Programme Leader: BEd SP & FET (PC) and Lecturer
  +27 (0)18 299 4555
  Building B11, Office G58, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  Self-directed learning; English teacher training; feedback and assessment in English language learning

  Dr Matome Mabiletja

  Subject Group Leader and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 285 2103
  Building C6, Room G43, Potchefstroom
  Language education, multilingualism, multimodality, OER

  Dr Merna Meyer

  Subject Group Leader and Lecturer: Creative Arts in Education
  +27 18 299 1060
  Arts and Crafts Building C7A, Office 7A, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  MEd, PhD Curriculum Studies.
  Professional development of pre-service art teachers, community engagement

   Ms Nomsa Mohosho

  Programme Leader: ECCE (VC) and Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3573
  Building A16, Office 117 , Vanderbijlpark, Vanderbijlpark
  Early Childhood Development and Education, Education Management and Leadership

  Prof Dorita du Toit

  Subject Group Leader: Movement Education
  +27 18 299 1716
  Building B6, Office G01, Potchefstroom

  Prof Lynn Preston

  Associate Professor and Subject Group Leader: Education Psychology
  +27 18 299 4765
  Building C6, Office 232, Vanderbijlpark

   Prof Thabo Makhalemele

  Associate Professor and Subject Group Leader: Learner Support
  +27 16 910 3075
  Vanderbijlpark Campus
  Bachelor of Art in Education (BA Ed) Bachelor of Education Honours (B.Ed. Hons) Masters in Education (M.Ed) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  Inclusive Education, Learner Support, Educational psychology

  Prof Salome Romylos

  Subject Group Leader and Lecturer: English for Education
  +27 18 299 4749
  Building C6, Room 202, Potchefstroom Campus
  BA Hons, HED, MA
  English Literature and the teaching thereof; Teaching through the medium of English; English literature in the Foundation Phase

  Mrs Susan Maree

  Programme Leader: BEd Foundation Phase and Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3141
  Building A16, Office 130, Vanderbijlpark
    M. Ed (Cum),  Foundation Phase, Mathematics, Metacognition in SDL
  Foundation Phase, Mathematics, Metacognition in SDL.

  Dr Tshepo Tapala

  Programme Leader: PGDip and Lecturer
  +27 18 852084
  Building B11, Office G47, Potchefstroom Campus
  Education Management

  Dr Viné Petzer

  Subject Group Leader and Lecturer: Economic & Management Science for Education
  +27 16 910 3088
  Building 11B, Office 127, Vanderbijlpark
  BCom, HED, Honors in Education, MEd
  Accounting in Education, Critical thinking in Education