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THEME: Embracing indigenous knowledge through the Arts for sustainable development goals (SDG’s*) in general and in times of (pandemic) disruption and uncertainty

  • SDG’s Sustainable Development Goals as per United Nations Declaration
  • Underscored by Seoul Declaration of 2010 to align with UNESCO

In 2018 the first Sub-Saharan Africa Society for Education through Arts : SSASEA symposium was held in Namibia under the auspices of InSEA (International Society for Education through Art). The Sub-Saharan Africa Society for Education through Arts : SSASEA Educators was established in 2019. In accordance with WAAE-UNESCO declaration the organisation aims to provide advocacy and guidance for the strengthening of Arts Education at country level, in the Sub-Saharan region and globally.

As we strive to advocate the importance and essential role of arts education; develop arts-based research and best-valued practices and curricula we hope to offer strategic recommendations for policy-related decisions and actions in implementing arts education to all.

Our focus is to acknowledge our unique identities, to re-visit indigenous knowledge systems and its relevance to sustainable development in general and in times of disruptive, pandemic tipping points in our regions. Moving forward, how do we mobilise different kinds of knowledge and learn new ways of living, working and organising our lives and institutions?

Educators, researchers, policy makers, practitioners of the arts and students are welcome to participate and review our positional stance in a world that has become increasingly disrupted, socially distanced and unsettling.   

"ArteNautas" by Teresa Alexandrino