Teacher Education at the North-West University has had a proud history since 1919, and the Faculty of Education is now the largest provider of contact and open distance learning in South Africa. The fact that so many teachers choose to upgrade their professional qualifications with us, and that so many prospective students apply for entry to the BEd and our other programmes says something. We think it says something about…

  1. the quality of the work done in our programmes (grounded, professional, critical and academic);
  2. the attention paid to students by our staff (dedicated, caring, professional academics and administrators);
  3. the quality of student life and development offered by the faculty itself (social, sport, integrated development and community engagement);
  4. the great reputation enjoyed by our students and graduate teachers who are commended to us by schools throughout the country.
The Faculty has done long standing research in human rights education in diversity, literacy theory practise, self-directed learning, working environments and community based research.

Faculty at a glance

Teaching and Learning

Language Education

Afrikaans for Education

English for Education

Setswana and African Languages for Education

Psycho-Social Education

Educational Psychology

Life Orientation

Learner Support

Movement Education

Early Childhood Development and Education



Professional Studies in Education

Curriculum Studies

Education Law

Education Management and Leadership

Comparative and International Education

Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

Computer Science Education

Geography and Environmental Education

Mathematics Education

Natural Sciences Education

Technology Education

Commerce and Social Studies in Education

Creative Arts in Education

Economic and Management Science Education

History Education



Research entities

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