SDL Conference 2018

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SDL Conference 2018
Monday, 5 November to Wednesday, 7 November 2018 
Elgro Hotel in Potchefstroom

The second SDL Conference of the Research Focus Area: Self-Directed Learning (RFASDL) at the Faculty of Education will take place from 5 to 7 November. 

Proffs Karl Wirth (Macalester College, VSA), Sharan Merriam (University of Georgia, VSA) and Ignatius Gous (UNISA, SA) will deliver the keynote presentations on the theme: Self-Directed Learning for the 21st Century: Implications for Higher Education. The four conference topics are:

  • Teaching/learning and assessment strategies and skills to promote self-directed learning.
  • Tools, apps and technology to promote self-directed learning.
  • The role of the contextualised curriculum to promote self-directed learning.
  • Study and practice of self-directed learning
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