Jan Heystek

Name and surname
Jan Heystek
Job title
Research Director: Edu-Lead
+27 18 299 4762
Physical address
Building C6, Office 258, Potchestroom Campus.

PhD, M.Ed, Hons, B.A, HOD

Education leadership, governance, school improvement
Staff type
Research outputs

Shava G and Heystek J 2021. Managing Teaching and Learning Integrating Instructional and Transformational Leadership in South African Schools. International Journal of Educational Management, DOI (10.1108/IJEM-11-2020-0533) accepted 27 April 2021 for publication

Heystek J and Emekako R 2020. Leadership and motivation for improved academic performance in schools in low socio-economic contexts. International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 34 No. 9, 1403-1415, DOI 10.1108/IJEM-10-2019-0378

Daniels E, Hondechem A and Heystek J 2020 Developing school leaders: Responses of school leaders to group reflective learning. Professional development in education 29 April 2020 accepted https://doi.org/10.1080/19415257.2020.1766543

Daniels E, Hondechem A and Heystek J 2020 Do School Leaders learn from a Group Reflective Learning Programme? Reflective Practice In final process

Daniels E, Hondechem A and Heystek J 2020 School leaders’ and teachers’ leadership perceptions: Differences and similarities.  Journal of Educational Administration Chen.Schechter@biu.ac.il, jayson.richardson@uky.edu  See info at article in Daniels file

Chingara R and Heystek J 2019. Leadership as Agency in the context of Structure International Journal of Educational Management 33(7):1596-1609