Prof Jan Heystek

  Research Director of Edu-Lead
  +27 18 299 4762
  Building C6, Office 258, Potchefstroom
  PhD, M.Ed., Hons., B.A., HOD

  Dr Aaron Nhlapo

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3218
  Building 11B, Office 134, Vanderbijlpark
  PhD., M.Ed., B.Ed. (Hons.), SPTD., ACE.
  Education Management

  Dr Andre Bechuke

  Senior Curriculum Specialist
  +27 18 299 1068
  Building F1, Room 137, Potchefstroom
  PhD in Education Management

Dr Arrie van Wyk

  Dr Arrie van Wyk

  +27 18 299 4584
  Building B11, Office G53, Potchefstroom
  BA(HDE), BEdHons, MEd, PhD
  Change and resistance to change in schools, Leadership and Management in Education

  Dr Branwen Challens

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4754
  Building C6, Office 211, Potchefstroom Campus
  BA, HDE, BEd, Business Management, MEd, Certificate in Human Resource Management, Diploma in School Management, Phd
   Education Management

  Prof Charles Webber

  Extraordinary Professor
  (001) 403-440-6
  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Prof vd Vyver

  Prof CP van der Vyver

  Senior Lecturer: Curriculum studies
  +27 18 299 4587
   Building B11, Office G61, Potchefstroom
  PhD (Education management and Leadership), M.Ed. (Education Management and Comparative studies), B.Ed. (Education Management), HED, B.Sc.
   Education Management and Leadership

Dr R Emekako

  Dr Raymond Emekako

  Senior Academic Developer: Centre for Teaching & Learning
  +27 18 389 2180
  Building A3, Block D, G83, Mafikeng
  Ph.D. (Education Management), M.Sc. (Education Management), B. Ed. Hons. (Management., Law & Systems), B.Sc. Ed. (Tech. Ed.), Dip. in A & P
  Motivation for educational change, Student learning experience, Faculty teams development, learner discipline management.

  Prof Herman van Vuuren

  Deputy Dean: Teaching and Learning
  +27 18 299 4710
  Building B10, Room G11, Potchefstroom Campus

  Prof Ike Xaba

  Associate Professor
  +27 16 910 3068
  Building 11A, Office 111, Vanderbijlpark
  Project Leader, Education Management Leadership, School Safety

  Dr Jan Khumalo

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 389 2968
  Building A2B, Office Number G72, Mafikeng
  PhD (NWU-Potch), M.Ed. (UJ), B.Ed. Hons. (PU for CHE), FDE. (RAU), UDES. (Tlhabane College of Education)
  School Management and Leadership, Organisational Development, School Governance, Learner Discipline

  Prof Kobus Mentz

  School Director: School of Professional Studies in Education
  +27 18 299 7410
  Building C6, Office G13, Potchefstroom
  BA, HED (PG), BEd, MEd, DEd, Dipl in Tertiary Education
  Professor in Education Leadership; The School as organisation; Preparation of school principals

  Dr Leentjie van Jaarsveld

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4589
  Building C6, Office 214, Potchefstroom Campus
  PhD, M.Ed., B.Ed. (Hons.), HOD
  Educational leadership approaches, Education Management

  Prof Lloyd Conley

  Executive Dean: Faculty of Education
  +27 18 299 1766
  Building C4, Room G08, Potchefstroom Campus

  Dr Mark Bosch

  +27 16 910 3094
  Building 11A Office 112 Vanderbijlpark Campus
  Leadership and management, Professional Studies, Educational Management

  Dr Martha Matashu

  Director School of Commerce and Social Studies Education
  +27 18 389 2323
  Building A9, Office 104, Mahikeng Campus, Mafikeng
  PhD, MBA, Bcom (Hons), PGCE, CISA, Cert: Public Sector Governance, Cert: Econometric Panel Data Analysis
  Economics of Education; Education, Human Capital and Economic Development; Accounting Didactics; Education Management, Governance & Leadership

Dr Molly Fuller

  Dr Molly Fuller

   Subject group chair & Lecturer: Education Management Leadership
  +27 18 285 2070
  Building B11, Office G10, Potchefstroom Campus
  BA, BEd, MEd, PhD
  Leadership and management in Education

  Mr Buti Mogorosi

  Administrative Assistant
  Building C6, Office 258, Potchefstroom
  BA Hons Labor Relations, PGDP in Disaster Risk Science, MSc in Environmental Sciences with Disaster Risk Science.

  Prof Sipho Kwatubana

  Associate Professor
  +27 16 910 3062
  Building 11A, Office 110, Vanderbijlpark
  PTC, BA, FDE, BEdHons, MEd, PhD
  Educational Management, Research, Organisational Development