COMBER Unit member

   Prof Marinda Neethling

  Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 285 2874
  Building B11, Office G12, Potchefstroom Campus
  PhD in Learner Support (NWU)
  Inclusive Education; Learner Support

   Dr Illasha Kok

  Deputy Subject Group Leader and Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 2143
  Building B11, Office G23, Potchefstroom Campus
  BSc (PU for CHE), HED (UNISA), BEd Hons (UNISA), MEd (PU for CHE), PhD (PU for CHE), BSc Hons (NWU), MSc (NWU), HPCSA Registered Psychologist.
  Distance Education, Teacher and learner wellbeing, Mental health, Open distance learning

  Prof Johnnie Hay

  School Director: Psycho-Social Education (SPE)
  +27 16 910 3143
  Building 11B, Office 105, Vanderbijlpark Campus
  BA, BA Hons Clinical Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, HDE Guidance, PhD (Child Psychology)
  Education Support Services, Inclusive Education, student learning, Life Orientation, registered counsellor training, and emotional issues of learners.

  Prof Mpilo Dube

  Associate Professor
  Building C6, Office 104, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  History Education

  Prof Macalane Malindi

  Associate Professor
  +27 18 285 2016
  Building A16: Office 133, Vanderbijlpark, Vanderbijlpark

  Dr Lettie Botha

  +27 18 299 4462
  Building B10 – Office G26 Potchefstroom Campus
  BEd (NWU), BEd Hons (NWU), MEd (NWU).
  Life orientation; the impact of paternal absence on child development; intervention strategies to enable these learners to reach their full potential and improve their holistic wellbeing.

  Dr Christine du Toit

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4328
  Building B10, Office G34, Potchefstroom

  Language acquisition and linguistics, language and development, children's literature, teaching methodology and strategies, obstacles in language acquisition

  Dr Elmari Fouché

  + 27 18 285 287
  Building B11 - Office G06, Potchefstroom Campus
  BA (Cum Laude), BA Hons, MA (Cum Laude), PhD Industrial Psychology, PGCE / ADT (Cum Laude).
  Well-being of the Educator in SA, engagement levels and intention-to-leave of the secondary school educator in SA, Flourishing / Languishing of the Educator and relatable factors, etc.

  Dr Anette Hay

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4733
  Building C6, Office G110, Potchefstroom Campus

  Environmental Education for education for sustainable development, community engagement with teachers and their learners on how they can mitigate the effect of climate change in their schools and environment. Teaching and learning strategies e.g. systems

  Dr Carmen Joubert

  Deputy Subject Group Leader & Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3096
  Office: Building 11B - 128, Vaal Campus
  BPsych (NWU), MA (NWU), PGCE (NWU), PhD in Education Psychology (NWU).
  Perspectives on the contribution and role of NWU BEd Hons Learner Support alumni in terms of lay counselling in their school communities – and possible intervention strategies to extend this contribution.

  Dr Pieter Swarts

  +27 18 299 4895
  Office: C6 – 131 Potchefstroom Campus

  Teaching and Learning Environments, Life Orientation, Environmental Education.

  Dr Hannelie Louw

  +27 18 285 2875
  Building B11 Office G35, Potchefstroom Campus

  SID learners; Life Orientation; well-being of learners and teachers.

  Dr Isabel Payne van Staden

  +27 18 299 2427
  Building B 11- Office G51
  B Ed, B Ed Hons, M Ed, PhD
  Inclusive education teacher, self-efficacy regarding inclusive education and learner support. Teacher development.

  Dr Elsabe Wessels

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 389 2733
  Building A2, Block I; Office 166 Mahikeng Campus
  B. Ed (Hons), M.Ed,. MAPP, PhD
  Early literacy, development and teaching of language in the Foundation Phase, early intervention and learner support.

  Dr Corné van der Vyver

  +27 18 299 4568
  Building B11, Office G34, Potchefstroom
  BA (Ed), BA Hons in Language Practice, MA in Afrikaans and Netherlands, PhD
  Storytelling as teaching strategy

  Prof Salome Romylos

   +27 18 299 4749
  Building C6, Room 202, Potchefstroom
  BA Hons, HED, MA
  English Literature and the teaching thereof; Teaching through the medium of English; English literature in the Foundation Phase

  Dr Jeanette Brits

  +27 18 299 4329
   Building B10, Office G31, Potchefstroom
  BA, BA-Hons, MEd, PhD (NWU)
  Afrikaans linguistics; Teaching and learning of the language arts (vernacular, foreign language), multilingual and multicultural teaching; Curriculum studies

  Dr Phatheka Jama

  +27 (0) 18 285 2033
  Building B11, Office G54, Potchefstroom

  Dr Smangele Dhlamini

  018 389 2836
  Building A3, Block G, Office G200, Mahikeng Campus, Mafikeng
  BA, PGCE, BA Hons, MSc, PhD
  Geography and Environmental Science

  Ms Rosa Modiba

  018 389 2401
  Mahikeng Campus, Building B6, Room G10
  Learner Support, Guidance and Counselling

  Dr Andri Schoonen

  +27 18 299 1871
  Building B10, Office G37 Potchefstroom Campus
  BEd (NWU), BEd Hons (NWU), MEd (NWU)
  Service-learning, early childhood studies.

  Dr Charl Nel

  Senior Academic Advisor
  Building E8, Room K19, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  Economics and Management Sciences

  Dr Jeannine Keating

  +27 18 299 4337
  Building B10, Office G39, Potchefstroom
  English First Additional Language

  Dr Susan Greyling

  UODL Acaddemic Manager
  018 299 4542
  Building B11, Office, Potchefstroom