Staff: Afrikaans for Education

  Ms. Carmen du Plessis

  +27 018 299 4761
  Building C6, Office 227, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom


  Afrikaans linguistics, language change and sociolinguistics

  Dr Christine du Toit

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4328
  Building B10, Office G34, Potchefstroom,
  Afrikaans Linguistics, Afrikaans Methodology, Additional language acquisition, Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase and FET-Phase

  Dr Corné van der Vyver

  +27 18 299 4568
  Building B11, Office G34, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom

BA (Ed), BA Hons in Language Practice, MA in Afrikaans and Netherlands, PhD

  Storytelling as teaching strategy

Duncan Ruiters

  Mr Duncan Ruiters

  +27 (0)18 299 4726
  Building C6, Office 220, Potchefstroom Campus , Potchefstroom

B.Ed, BA Afrikaans & Dutch, MA

  Afrikaans Linguistics

  Dr Elize Vos

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4783
  Building C6, Office 219, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom

BA, HED, BA Hons, MA, PhD

  Afrikaans prose and poetry; Afrikaans methodology for the Senior and Further Education and Training phase, Literature for toddlers, children and youth; reading motivation; self-directed learning and self-directed reading

  Dr Elma Marais

  Subject group Leader and Senior Lecturer: Afrikaans for Education
  +27 018 299 4725
  Building C6, Office 229, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom


  Children and Youth Literature, Integration of technology in the Classroom, Teaching Practice, Play pedagogy in the Language Classroom

  Dr Elsabe Wessels

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 389 2733
  Building A2, Block I; Office 166 Mahikeng Campus,

B. Ed (Hons), M.Ed,. MAPP, PhD

  Early literacy, development and teaching of language in the Foundation Phase, early intervention and learner support.

  Me Florence Coertzen

  Building 11B, Office 111, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom


  Language Education

  Mr Rickus Ströh

  +27 (0)16 910 3063
  Building 11B, Office 111E, Vanderbijlpark Campus, Vanderbijlpark

BA (cum laude), Hons BA (cum laude), MA (cum laude), PGCE (Cum laude)


  Afrikaans poetry and film, gender and curriculum.

  Dr Rochelle Marais-Botha

  Deputy Subject group Leader (VC) and Lecturer: Afrikaans for Education
  +27 016 910 3057
  Building 11B, Office 125, Vanderbijlpark Campus, Vanderbijlpark

BA (cum laude), Hons BA (cum laude), MA, PGCE (cum laude), PhD

  Afrikaans prose, film and poetry

  Ms Rodean Booysen

  Junior Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3310
  Vanderbijlpark Campus,

  Dr Ronel van Oort

  Senior Lecturer: Afrikaans for Education
  +27 18 299 4726
  Building C6, Office 220, Potchefstroom Campus,


  Afrikaans varieties; Afrikaans Methodology; Afrikaans Children and Youth Literature

  Prof Susan Meyer

  Associate Professor in Afrikaans
  +27 18 299 4723
  Building C6, Office 230, Potchefstroom Campus,

MA (Cum Laude); D Litt et Phil; HED

  Teaching Afrikaans; Afrikaans literature (ecocriticism)