Gerrie Benadé

Mr Gerrie Benadé

Lecturer: Technology Education
HED (Sec) , Technical Diploma, BEd Hons, MEd
  +27 18 299 4235
  Building B9, Office G04, Potchefstroom Campus
Mechanical Technology; Civil Technology; Technical Drawings; RSPR. Hons BEd; MEd guidance; Self-Directed Learning; Problem-based Learning

Mr Coenraad Jurgens

HED (Tech), BEd Hons, MEd
  +27 18 299 2685
  Building B9, Office G19, Potchefstroom Campus
Albert Kemp

Mr Albert Kemp

Lecturer: Technology Education
BEd, BEd Hons, MA
  +27 18 299 4234
  Building B9, Office G05, Potchefstroom Campus
Engineering Graphics and Design; 2D/3D CAD; 3D Printing/Scanning

Ms Adri du Toit (Koekemoer)

BSc (Home Economics), HED, MEd, PhD (in process)
  +27 18 299 4320
  Building B10, Office G18, Potchefstroom Campus
Curriculum and didactics: Consumer Studies and Technology (Senior phase)

Mr Kobus Havenga

BSc, HED, BEd Hons, MEd (NWU)
  +27 18 299 1869
  Building B9, Office G01, Potchefstroom Campus

Mr Abbie Mulaudzi

Junior Lecturer
BSc, HED (Tech)
  +27 18 285 2058
  Building B9, Office G07, Potchefstroom Campus

Mr Benjamin Seleke

Junior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4584
  Building B9, Office G53, Potchefstroom Campus

Mr Pieter Kruger

Junior Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3125
  Building 17, Office G02, Vaal Triangle Campus

Mr Arno Combrinck

BSc, HED (Tech) (NWU), BEd Hons (NWU)
  +27 18 299 4322
  Building B10, Office G20, Potchefstroom Campus

Dr Andrew Mutsvangwa

BSc (Ed), MSc, DEng
  +27 18 389 2257
  Building A3, Office G198, Mafikeng Campus

Mr Joop Oosthuizen

HED (Tech), BEd Hons, MEd
  +27 18 299 1868
  Building B9, Office G32, Potchefstroom Campus