This faculty aims to be a leader in postgraduate training, support and exploring new approaches to training experts in the various areas in educational leadership. We offer specialised postgraduate training programmes which will ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, values and motivation for further studies in education. We promote, coordinate and conduct scientific research into educational problems at all levels through prescribed training programmes, and we promote students who will demonstrate the ability to critique provincial, national and international practices and trends and their implications for national development.


Honours Degree

Programme Programme code Curriculum code
Afrikaanse Taalonderwys 464 138  O601P
Information Technology  Education 4EJ L01  O601P
Computer Applications Technology Education  4BG L01  O601P
Curriculum Studies 464 140  O603P/V
Education, Management, Law and Systems 464 121  O605P/V/M
Educational Psychology 464 122  O607P
English Language Education 464 145  O608P
Geography Education 464 147  O610P
History Education  4BF M01  O601P
Learner Support 464 148  O618P/V/M
Life Sciences Education 464 149  O612P
Mathematics Education 464 150  O614P
Movement Education 464 151  O614P
Physical Science Education 464 152  O615P
Technology Education 464 133  O617P



Master of Education (MEd)

Programme Programme code Curriculum code
Education Law 4CG N01
Educational Psychology 4CH N01
International and Comparative Education 4CJ N01 O801P
Mathematics Education 4CK N01 O801P
Special needs Education 4CL N01 O801P
Philosophy of Education 4CM N01 O801P
Movement Education 4CN N01 O801P
Computer Science Education 403 131 O812P
Educational Management and Leadership  4CB N01  O801M
Mathematics/Science Education 403 114  O814M



Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Programme Programme code Curriculum code
Natural Sciences Education 4CA R10 O901P
Education Management
4CA R06 O901P/M
Education Law 4CA R05 O901P
Educational Psychology 4CA R07 O901P
Comparative Education 4CA R01 O901P
Mathematics Education 4CA R09 O901P
Special Needs Education
4CA R14 O901P
Philosophy of Education 4CA R11 O901P
Physical Education 4CA R12 O901P
Computer Science Education
4CA R02 O901P
Curriculum Studies
4CA R03 O901P/M

These programmes are accredited at the Higher Education Qualification Council (HEQC) of Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa. We offer different research areas covered by scholars in their research projects/foci or specialization with highly qualified supervisors and promoters. Research is executed within the research foci of the Faculty, research projects either part of South African or international funded projects.

  • Our post-graduate degrees can be obtained on a full-time or part-time basis.
    • MEd studies can be obtained in a minimum duration of one year or a maximum duration of three years.
    • PhD-studies can be obtained in a minimum duration of two year or a maximum duration of four years.
  • There are two modes of submission for PhD research only:
    • A research thesis;
    • Research articles on an approved research topic to fulfil the requirements of a PhD-degree (see requirements).

In order to make the programme in post-graduate studies accessible without restrain on high quality of research an approved Research Support Programme is offered. Students are monitored and equipped during their first year of enrolment by scholars in the Faculty in order to be successful in submitting approved proposals in their field of research. One of the advantages of application for a post-graduate study is the availability of the part-time and full-time post-graduate bursaries funded by the NWU and Faculty