Research Director (Acting)

Professor Johan Botha

Programme Manager: MEd Structured Programmes/Programbestuurder: MEd Gestruktureerde Programme
School of Psycho-Social Education / Skool vir Psigososiale Onderwys
Faculty of Education / Fakulteit Opvoedkunde
Potchefstroom campus/Potchefstroomkampus
E-mail / E-pos:

The Education and Human Rights in Diversity Research Unit (Edu-HRight) was established in 2013 in the Faculty of Education Sciences of the NWU, Potchefstroom Campus. The central scholarly focus of the Unit is on human rights praxis and implementations in education, with a variety of sub-foci as portrayed by the six subareas, each with up to 7 staff members within the faculty:

  • Social Justice, Religion and Spiritual Capital
  • Social Justice in Education
  • Human Rights Education in Diversity
  • Legal and Comparative Perspectives in Education
  • Public Schooling in Diversity
  • Discipline in Education Institutions

Part of the Edu-HRight Research Unit are a number of special researchers contracted for research within the Unit: visiting professors, post-doc fellows, research assistants and international collaborators. Members of the Unit play their part in national and international associations, are engaged in research fellowships at international institutions, and several of the subareas and individual members within the Unit are active in research endeavours on national and international level.