Staff - History for Education

  Ms Buyisiwe Ngwane

  Base Building J Block, Office G138, Mahikeng Campus, Mafikeng
  Bachelor of Education (Accounting and Business Studies) Bachelor of Education Honours Degree (Social Sciences Education)
  Methodology in Accounting Education (Teaching and Learning, Rural Education)

  Dr Byron John Bunt

  Subject Group Leader and Senior Lecturer in History in Education
  +27 16 910 3721
  Building 11B, Office 119, Vanderbijlpark Campus, Vanderbijlpark
  BEd (History and Geography, BEd Hons (Curriculum Studies), MEd (Teaching and Learning), PhD
  Play-based learning, game-based learning, gamification

  Mr Dawid Olivier

  Building B11, Office G52, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  BEd (Inter & Snr), BA Hons (History), MA (History-Cum laude)
  Modernity/coloniality, History of South African resistance movements, Afrikaner history of the 20th century

  Mr Ike Mabelebele

  Junior Lecturer (Temporary)
  +27 (0)16 910 3721
  Building 11B, Office 119, Vanderbijlpark, Vanderbijlpark
  BEd, BEd Hons

  Miss Joane´ von Allemann

  Junior Lecturer (Temporary)
  Building C6 Office G36 Potchefstroom campus, Potchefstroom
  BEd (Senior and FET) and BEd Hons

  Mr Marthinus JD Buys (Johan)

  +27 (0)18 299 4755
  Building C6, Office G36A, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom
  BEd History and Life Orientation; BEd Hons History for Education; MEd Curriculum Studies in Education.
  Decolonisation; Indigenous Knowledge (IK); Western Knowledge (WK); School Curriculum (SC); and History Education (HE).

  Dr Michael Nhambura

  MEd, PhD
  History in Education

  Mr Mojuta Steven Motlhamme

  +27(0)18 389 9004
  G 11, J Block, Mahikeng Campus, Mafikeng
    BA Hons, PGCE, Masters of Arts
  Setswana History, Bantustans, African Education

  Mr Nicolaas van Deventer

  +27 16 910 3060
  Building 11B, Office 111D, Vanderbijlpark Campus, Vanderbijlpark
  BE.d Snr & FET. BEd Hons
  History for Education, Curriculum Studies, Self-directed Learning

  Ms Ntombiyoxolo Mqadi

  +27(0)18 389 9005
  Base building J block, Room G134, Mahikeng Campus, Mafikeng
  Bachelor of Social Sciences (History and Education); PGCE; B.Ed. Honours and Master of Education (History Education)
  Methodology in History Teaching and Learning; Rural Education.