Professor Jan Heystek

Research Director of Edu-Lead
BA, HOD, B Ed(Hon), M Ed and PhD
  +27 18 299 4752
  Building C6, Office 258, Potchefstroom Campus

Dr Anna-Marie Pelser

Lecturer: Education Law
HED, BCom, Hons BCom, MCom, PhD
  +27 18 389 2092
  Building A3, Office 45, Mafikeng Campus
Education Law; Industrial Psychology; Human Resource Management; Private Law

Dr Arrie van Wyk

Lecturer: Education Management
BA(HDE), BEdHons, MEd, PhD
  +27 18 299 4584
  Building B11, Office G53, Potchefstroom Campus
Change and resistance to change in schools, Leadership and Management in Education

Dr Branwen Challens

Senior Lecturer
BA, HDE, BEd, Business Management, MEd, Certificate in Human Resource Management, Diploma in School Management, Phd
  +27 18 299 4754
  Building C6, Office 211, Potchefstroom Campus
Education Management

Prof Buabeng Assan

  +27 18 389 2550
  Building Block G, Office 203 Mafikeng Campus
Innovations in learning and learning study (phenomenographic studies). He is a post graduate students’ leader and a member of the Faculty Educational Leadership Research Niche Area focusing on School Improvement: Curriculum Management and Leadership

Dr CP van der Vyfer

Senior Lecturer: Curriculumstudies
BSc, HED, Bed (cum laude), MEd (cum laude), PhD
  +27 18 299 4587
   Building B11, Office G61, Potchefstroom Campus
Education Management and Leadership

Dr Deon van Tonder

Senior Lecturer
  +27 016 9103059
  Building 11A, Office 124, Vaal Triangle Campus
Education Management , Development and empowerment of Teachers

Professor Edmore Mutekwe

  +27 018 3892032
  Building Block B, Office G58 Mafikeng Campus

Professor Elsa Fourie

School Director
  +27 016 9103066
  Building 11B, Office 141, Vaal Triangle Campus
Education Management Leadership

Dr Herman van Vuuren

School director
BA(Hons), BEd, MEd and PhD
  +27 18 299 4774
  Building C6, Office K50, Potchefstroom Campus
Education leadership and management, Managementof diversity, Preparation programmes and the professional development of school leaders

Associate Professor Ike Xaba

Associate Professor
  +27 016 910 306
  Building 11A, Office 111, Vaal Triangle Campus
Project Leader, Education Management Leadership, School Safety

Dr Itumeleng Molale

  +27 18 289 2270

Prof Kobus Mentz

Current Director (Potchefstroom)
BA, BEd, MEd, DEd, PhD, Diploma in Tertiary Education, HED (PG)
  +27 18 299 4710
  Building C6, Office G13, Potchefstroom Campus
Education Management and Leadership, The School as an Organisation, Training of School Principles

Dr Leentjie van Jaarsveld

Lecturer & Program leader: BEdHons
  +27 18 299 4589
  Building C6, Office 214, Potchefstroom Campus
Educational leadership approaches

Professor Lloyd Conley

Associate professor, Program leader: PGdip
  +27 18 299 4752
  Building C6, Office 209, Potchefstroom Campus
Education Management

Dr Mark Bosch

  +27 016 9103490
  Building B11A Office 112 Vaal Triangle Campus
Leadership and management, Professional Studies, Educational Management

Dr Martha Matashu

PhD, MBA, CISA, Bcom (Hons) PGCE
  +27 18 389 2323
  Academic Block, Building A3, Office 189, Mafikeng Campus

Dr Molly van Niekerk

Subject group chair & Lecturer: Education Management Leadership
BA, BEd, MEd, PhD
  +27 18 852070
  Building B11, Office G10, Potchefstroom Campus
Leadership and management in Education

Dr Nnoir Morake

  +27 18 299 ****
  Building Block B Office G42 Mahikeng Campus
Education Management and Leadership. Offering lectures about research at undergraduate level. Supervising students at Honours, MEd and PhD.

Dr Sipho Kwatubana

Senior Lecturer
PTC, BA, FDE, BEdHons, MEd, PhD
  +27 016 9103062
  Building 11A, Office 110, Vaal Triangle Campus
Educational Management, Research, Organisational Development

Dr Velaphi Aaron Nhlapo

Senior Lecturer
SPTD; BA; BEdHons; ACE; MEd; PhD
  +27 016 9103218
  Building 11B, Office 134, Vaal Triangle Campus
Education Management