The main aim of the entity is to support community-based research aimed at the development of methodologies, theory and practice based on a holistic, systemic and integrated approach to the promotion of well-being. The knowledge generated will thus contribute to social transformation, applicable on a local, as well as global scale.

Specific objectives to reach this aim are:

  1. To build theory regarding methodologies to enable authentic partnerships for the generation of contextually and culturally relevant knowledge that leads to sustainable improvement in holistic wellbeing in education contexts.
  2. To develop theory to enable an improved systemic and critical understanding of how education systems and communities interact to impact on wellness.
  3. To generate knowledge to inform the development of pre and in service teacher education (pre, post grad) programmes to promote an integrated, holistic and ecosystemic understanding of psycho-social wellbeing within education contexts.
  4. To develop evidence based strategies to enhance the holistic wellbeing of education communities, particularly those recognized to be most vulnerable.
  5. To develop holistic, integrated strategies to facilitate enabling and inclusive spaces across all levels of interrelatedness in education communities.
  6. To develop expertise of academics involved in the programme to enable them to develop international research collaborations in this field.
"Community-based educational research to improve the quality of life of people engaged in contexts of learning and development"