The focus of Edu-Lead is the field of education leadership, management and governance at all levels of the education system.  School leadership is contextual to the location and context in which the school is functioning, hence it is difficult to assign a specific leadership style for all principals. In the South African context with a large number of schools that are underperforming, it is one of the most important responsibilities of the leaders to manage and lead the change in that organisation for optimal performance in a climate that resists change. The leaders are accountable for achieving higher academic achievements in a positive school environment and climate and therefore they need the necessary skills, knowledge, attitude and values. Leaders need to be equipped to succeed in this endeavour. Education leaders must be prepared to work in a complex and diverse education society. Significant change processes involve social and cultural as well as economic and political aspects: leaders have to take account of the full context of the school. 





Specific objectives will be:

  • build a theory on the effective professional development of educational leaders and managers in diverse education organisations by optimising the professional and academic aspects of working life and environment;
  • relate leadership and organisational development to education practices in order to give leaders a deeper understanding of and gain insight into theories and practices as well as the problems experienced on different levels by education leadership and management;
  • develop an improved understanding of the challenges and opportunities in a diverse and complex context in which educational leaders function;
  • understand and contribute to the critical debate on professional preparation development programmes for educational leaders and managers at all levels in the education system;
  • inform and develop leadership and management programmes and strategies;
  • develop effective organisational development strategies or guidelines to optimise systemic and individual practices in the work environment that will improve the effectiveness of schools as organisations.