Diversity, change and difference are topics which by nature challenge our very understanding of who we are, and what constitutes what is right and normal in society. The "Speak Out" seminars are devoted to:

  • confront a series of issues critical to the survival of our democracy;
  • a dicussion of difference, gender, race and class as phenomena associated with societies in change; and
  • contribute to national as well as scholarly debates


Seminar 1 - Representation of Sexualities in acacemic literature, religion and spirituality

Seminar 2 - Dialogical spaces: The Pedagogy of being human. Question about tradition and power

Seminar 3 - The politics of representation in future conceptualisations of universities: generational in/exclusion?

Seminar 4 - Homosexuality in Academia

Seminar 5 - Language and multilingualism

Seminar 6 -  Decolonising the higher education curriculum

Seminar 7 - Student Protest at Higher Education Institutions

Seminar 8 - Diversity and Heritage