The overall research focus of the Unit is to explore and interpret in order to generate knowledge regarding Education and Human Rights in Diversity (Edu-HRight) for the good of society. Innovative knowledge with respect to education, human rights and diversity as subjectivities-in-becoming are theorised in the pursuit of social justice and democratic values towards safe spaces for praxis. Transformation emerges and occurs through scholarly enquiry and the translation of peoples’ experiences in diverse environments from philosophical and sociological perspectives underpinning, inter alia, education law, social and spiritual capital, as well as human rights implementations in education. Human rights praxis encompasses the realisation and internationalisation of social justice, as well as the appreciation of diverse education and educational contexts.



The overall objectives of the research in the Unit find its logic in diverse educational contexts and aims to:

  • initiate new knowledge regarding education and human rights in diversity;
  • theorise innovative knowledge constructs in the pursuit of social justice and democratic values to create enabling spaces for praxis;
  • support scholarly transformation of and enquiry into social capital;
  • engage, explore, understand and explain philosophical, sociological, transformative, legal and comparative perspectives and praxis;
  • embrace (post)conflict and (post)struggle epistemologies as part of our investigative purposes and further the extent and impact of the realisation of human rights praxis; and
  • explore and promote the realisation of social justice within (post)conflict and diverse societies as it manifests in education.