Prof Lesley Wood

Research Professor: Education Studies
BA, BASS (cum laude), MA, PGCHE (cum laude), DEd
  +27 18 299 4770
  Building C6, Room 248, Potchefstroom Campus
Educational research for social transformation, HIV and AIDS in education, Action research (all genres) for educational transformation, Wellness of school communities

Prof Akpovire Oduaran

School director
• BEd Hons in History (University of Benin, Nigeria) • MA in Adult Education Programme Development (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) • PhD (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
  +27 18 389 2208
  Building A9, Office 104, Mafikeng Campus
Adult and lifelong learning, continuing professional development, literacy, open and distance learning, intergenerational relationships.

Mr Jandré van der Walt

Administrative Assistant
IT Engineer
  +27 18 299 4771
  Building C6, Room 247, Potchefstroom Campus

Dr Carolina Botha

Senior Lecturer
• BSc (UFS) • BSc Hons (UFS) • HED (UFS) • MTh (UNISA) • PhD (UFS)
  +27 18 299 4732
  Building C6 – room G210, Potchefstroom Campus
Beginner teachers, pre-service teacher education, reality shock, theory practice divide, Work Integrated Learning, Teaching and Learning.

Ms Merna Meyer

Lecturer: Creative Arts in Education
MEd (Curriculum Studies: Art Education)
  +27 18 299 1060
  Building C6, Office - Kunsvlyt, Potchefstroom Campus
Socially Engaged Art, Professional Development in Diverse Contexts

Dr Elsabe Wessels

Senior Lecturer
B. Ed (Hons), M.Ed,. MAPP, PhD
  +27 18 389 2733
  ADC Building, Block B, Office G47, Mafikeng Campus

Prof Macalane Malindi

Professor (Associate) and Lecturer
• BEd • BA Hons (Psychology) • MEd (Special needs & Support Services) • MEd (Educational Psychology) • PhD (Leaner Support)
  +27 18 285 2016
  Building C6 - Room 106, Potchefstroom Campus
Youth resilience (street involved children, orphans, and teen mothers)

Dr Illasha Kok

Senior Lecturer
BSc (Home Economics), HED, BEd (Teaching & Learning), BSc Hons (Psychology), MSc (Research Psychology), PhD (Teaching & Learning)
  +27 18 299 2143
  Building B11a, Office G13, Potchefstroom Campus
Distance Education, Psychological well-being of teachers, Learner Support

Prof Julialet Rens

Deputy Director
• BA (PU for CHE) • HED (PU for CHE) • BEd (PU for CHE) • MEd (PU for CHE) • PhD (NWU)
  +27 18 299 1893
  Building B10 - Office G29, Potchefstroom Campus
Readiness of beginner teachers, Life Orientation and Life Skills as important school subjects and diversity and values as part of holistic development and wellness of school communities

Dr Marinda Neethling

Subject Group Leader and Lecturer
BA Hons, HED, BEd Hons, MEd, PhD
  +27 18 85 2071
  Building B11, Office G12, Potchefstroom Campus
Inclusive Education; Learner Support

Prof Johnnie Hay

Director and Associate Professor (VC)
BA, BA Hons Clinical Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, HDE Guidance, PhD (Child Psychology)
  +27 18 2852026
  Building C6, Office 105, Potchefstroom Campus
Education Support Services, Inclusive Education, student learning, Life Orientation, registered counsellor training, and emotional issues of learners.

Dr Doret Kirsten

Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 4766
  Building C6, Office 139, Potchefstroom Campus
Clinical and Educational Psychologist, Promotion of Mental Health, Neuropsycology and positive psycology

Mrs Suegnet Smit

  +27 18 299 4595
  Building B11, Office G68, Potchefstroom Campus
Learner Support